Update 06.12.2021



Setting of Req. owner

  • In the Requirements App or the PRD module, owners can be assigned to one or multiple objects at the same time. The setting of the owner can either be set per chapter as batch processing or optionally per object. With this functionality, it is possible that the system automatically recognizes the owner for certain processes like the creation of a CR or the addition of objects in the discussion and sends notifications accordingly.

  • This way they are always up-to-date on all activities of their assigned Objects

  • How to do it

    • after clicking on the “…”-Mune and choosing Manage branch details, a pop-up window will open

    • 1: Click on the Requirements Owners tab

    • 2: Select appropriate objects. Please note that all subchapters must currently be expanded so that the owner is also set for all the subchapters

    • 3: Select owner

    • 4: Click on „save changes“


Display of affected PRDs in CR

  • Within the CR Panel, we are now displaying the relevant PRDs. These are PRD of which SpecObjects are part of that CR

  • How to do it

    • 1: Click on the Tab “General Information”

    • 2: Click on “Relevant PRDs” in the side navigation

    • 3: Displaying the relevant PRDs


Displaying all discussions of all branches in Base PRD (customer side)

  • The various discussions of all suppliers are now displayed collectively in the base PRD.

  • This simplifies the response to discussions on the customer side.

  • How to do it

    • 1: Click in a PRD on “Variants & Branches” in the side navigation

    • 2: Click on the base Version

    • 3: Click on the Button “Discussion”

    • 4: Displays all discussions from all Branches


Updating of PRDs (language)

Process client:

  • The requirements document already shared with the RFQ release is updated to include the English language.

  • When wanting to accept the Update, you need to go to the process Overview (1) open the Update process (2) and click Accept (3)

  • The information that you see in this example update is first of all the name as well as the Comment / Description and the PRD that is affected by it. It then also shows the affected attributes and its affected language (in that case English) and the number of Req. that will be changed.


Process Supplier:





Managing access rights in the RFQ

  • Access rights can be granted for all content in the RFQ (customer & supplier side)

  • This way, you can determine which content the added Internal Participants can see.

  • How to do it

    • 1: Click on the “…”-Menu next to a chapter in the RFQ

    • 2: Choose “Manage Access”

    • 3: Choose a user from the internal participants

    • 4: Choose if user should have “read” or “read and write” rights

    • 5: Click “Add User”

    • Repeat if necessary

    • 6: Click “Edit Rights”


Hierarchy for PRDs

  • Displaying the right prefix for chapters in the PRD


Sending Public Threads by suppliers

  • On the supplier side, Public Threads can now be created in order to be able to contact the customer on an object basis by clicking the “Send” button which is now displayed.